Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review: EMU Australia Boots

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to think about my autumn wardrobe already. It may still be August and still be sunny (some of the time), but with all the new season items starting to filter into the shops, I can’t help but get excited about my favourite time of year.

A staple part of my wardrobe last winter were my EMU boots so I was delighted when Fitness Footwear offered to send me another pair in a different colour. I opted for the EMU Bronte High style in black. I’ve not worn my boots for a while as it’s been the summer (yes I know they’re supposed to keep you cool in summer but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear furry boots when it was warm) so I’d forgotten just how soft and cosy they were. When the new pair arrived I had to put them on right away and – not to wish away what’s left of the summer – I can’t wait for the cooler weather when I will be able to put these fabulous boots to good use.

EMU boots are available in a range of styles and colours from Fitness Footwear. The Bronte High boots cost £89.95, and as with all purchases from Fitness Footwear, UK shipping is free.


  1. read ur review about EMU boots, Aug 13.
    Are these good for snow? (Boston Snow)? or can I only wear them on cold winters no snow

  2. I've seen pictures of people wearing them in the snow, but I'm not sure it would be a good idea in reality. Remember, the boots are made of suede and so will need to be sprayed with some sort of protector to make them waterproof. I wore my pair in the snow last year and they were fine, but the snow we get here is nothing compared to what you would have. Any salt or water that comes into contact with the suede is likely to stain the boots.

  3. could u please tell me what brandcan I get for SNOW (Boston Snow).

  4. I would recommend a pair of Merrell boots or any others that say they are waterproof and/or are not made of suede.