Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Boots

Barratt Tan

Last Christmas my sister gave me a large money tin that is labelled ‘Shoe Queen’s New Shoe Fund’. At the time I was using an empty washing liquid capsule box as my change pot so I put all my change into the new tin. Every couple of days I empty all the change smaller than a 50p out of my purse and put it in the tin.

Way back in about September Amber featured these boots on Shoeperwoman. I think I had seen them somewhere else around the same time too, and really liked them, but they were £50 and not real leather. When you can have real leather for that price in New Look I wasn’t about to spend that amount of money.

For the past couple of weeks Barratts has had a 20% off offer on (code AMAZINGB – valid until Sunday) so I decided to count up my shoe fund and lo and behold, there was just enough money in the tin to buy the boots with the discount, and cover the postage as well (size 9 is only available online and I really think stores should offer free shipping for products which can’t be purchased in store). The boots arrived today and fit perfectly. They were described as mid high leg but they are almost knee high on me so goodness knows how tall you would have to be for them to be mid high. They will no doubt get their first outing tomorrow and are set to become a staple of my wardrobe this winter.

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