Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outfit: Jelly Shoes!






Vivienne Westwood-Melissa Lady Dragon 2

I think I should have perhaps put that this week I will be mostly wearing either red and purple or new shoes when I was writing that post on Monday. For this is pair number three (and the final pair) of new shoes for the week and I have worn red every day and purple twice so far.

I was thrilled when Shudoo contacted me last week to see whether I would like to try out a pair of shoes from their site. Having been intrigued by the phenomenon that is the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania line for Melissa, I requested a pair of the Lady Dragon Hearts in fuchsia and that is what you see adorning my feet today. I will review them properly tomorrow, once I have worn them for a whole day, but so far, so good and I like them.

With such fabulous shoes a simple black dress was the best way to show them off, and I just added some co-ordinating accessories. I love this dress – it was only about £20 from ASDA back when I’d just started this blog but it has got regular wear over the 4 years I’ve had it and love the shape of the full skirt.

I have been skipping the gym recently in favour of riding my bike (it’s cheaper and allows me to get out in the fresh air and sunshine) and last night I cycled the 9 mile round trip to the next town in search of a lampshade for the spare room. I failed to find one, but had a lovely ride in the sunshine and my legs definitely got a work out. When I got home it was time for caramel shortbread and Gok’s fashion fix – sadly the last in the current series (although it looks like there’s a compilation/revisiting show on next week).

After my shower last night I briefly tried out my new Remington Spin Curl hairdryer for the first time. I didn’t bother to use any styling spray and I didn’t separate out sections of my hair like it tells you to do in the instructions. I was about to go to bed so there was no point spending ages on a blow dry. However, even by just sticking random sections of hair into the spin curl attachment I achieved definite waves and I can see that with a bit of patience (not my strong point!) and by following the instructions a bit more carefully, I could definitely get results from it. I did my usual putting my hair in a ponytail to sleep but the band snapped during the night (those snag free hair elastics are rubbish!) so I don’t know how much of today’s wave is residue from the spin dry and how much from sleeping with it tied up.

Wow, that was a long post! Guess I had a lot to say this morning.

Black dress – George at ASDA
Purple tank – New Look Tall
Purple and red shoes – Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa (Shudoo) (gifted)
Red and cream bangles – gifted
Purple flowers necklace – Dorothy Perkins
Purple and silver bangles – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Red belt – Next
Diamante hair slide – Babyliss (Boots)

Total Est. Cost £38


  1. These are so fab! I bought the nude/black flat ones with the Anglomania seal on the front. Have worn them 3 times now but they're not very comfy (and the bubblegum smell is still so strong!). Hope these are comfy to walk in? xx

  2. Thank you! I quite like the bubblegum smell - beats the smell of warm feet any day!