Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Outfit: Keeping It Simple





Matalan cream black quilt MJs

This was really easy to plan: fabulous shoes + last night’s jeans + easy top. It turned out to be just the thing for a wet and rainy day. I threw my trench coat over it when I left the house.

These jeans are turning to be a favourite pair. I think I have at last found a replacement for my beloved Gap Long and Leans in the dark wash which died a leg splitting death more than a year ago now. Several other pairs made good substitutes, but none were ever quite the same until now. I love these jeans!

I am going swimming again today. I intend to go on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon each week and once on the weekends if I can fit it in. And perhaps a gym session in between. But I really prefer swimming to the actual gym. And the reason I joined where I did was because of the pool.

Black top – Tall Girls (eBay)
Jeans – Next Tall (Clearance Store)
Black and cream shoes – Matalan
Diamante hair clip – Babyliss (Boots)
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Wonder Woman belt – River Island
Silver hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £51


  1. You look very casual and comfy.
    Beautiful shoes.

  2. Are you comfortable enough at the pool to swim without your glasses ?

  3. Thank you Madalina.

    And Anonymous, no, I don't swim without my glasses. I have an old pair I wear to swim - without glasses I am as blind as a bat so there's no chance I would brave it without them.

  4. Your current pair really suit you, are they designer frames and do you have others if you fancy a change of look ?

  5. Thank you. No they're not designer. Actually, they were really cheap frames from my local optician. I do have another pair, silver metal frames. I don't wear them very often though.