Sunday, October 03, 2010

All About My Shoes – An Update

I’ve noticed recently that my post about all my shoes from around two years ago is one of the most popular posts on here. So I thought I would post an update, as my shoe collection is in constant flux and there have been many additions and deletions since then.

Betsy Johnson Leopard Print
Betsey Johnson Leopard

These were a gift from the lovely people at Fashion Stage and they are very special to me. They don’t get worn very often as they are very high and are made completely of leather – not really compatible with all the rain we get here.

Ethel Austin Black Platforms
Black Ethel Platform

Bought in the sale for £3.50 – such a bargain!

Buffalo Fuchsia Heels
Buffalo Sixtina

These were a gift from the lovely people at Sarenza, for my entry to their styling competition.

So Danca Dancing Shoes
Dance Shoes

Bought for the show 3 years ago and have served me well for rehearsals and shows ever since.

Dolcis Brogue Style Heels

These are a piece of history now that Dolcis have gone into administration. They have a low kitten heel which is going to be a big trend for fall.

Dorothy Perkins Pewter Sandals
DP Pewter

These were my emergency shoes when the pair I had on that day broke on me in the middle of the city. They have had plenty of wear and are super comfy.

Dunnes Stores Happy Soles
Dunnes Folding Shoes 2

Fold up shoes! They’ve come out with me on a few nights out but they have only been pressed into service on my friend's hen night the other week.

Faith Beige Heels

Another piece of history from another dearly departed shoe store. I think these were a sale purchase, around 5 years ago, just after I started my current job.

George Zebra Print Flats
George Zebra Flats

Bought on eBay for all of £2.99, thanks to the seller who listed them as ‘zebra pint’ flats.

New Look Bronze Glitter Heels

Bought for £4.99 in a charity shop, because they were just like the £50 blue pair I’d seen in Faith months before but hadn’t ever bought. These were in the charity shop for a reason: the glitter stuck up around the edges and dug into your foot terribly. However, after 20 minutes or so with some scissors and a nail file, the problem was solved and they are actually very comfortable now.

K Shoes Grey Heels
Grey K shoes

Another low heel, another charity shop find. These are vintage so the inside of them is crumbling a bit. They will be worn with socks this winter.

Hoss Intropia Turquoise Flats
Hoss Shoes

A gift from the lovely people at Shudoo.

Priceless Shoes Leopard Print Flats
Leopard flats

Love these! There were no size 9s left in my local store so I got them on eBay for about a tenner. They have had a LOT of wear and are super comfy.

Blue Suede Ruffle Heels
Love Label Blue Suede T Bar

A gift from the lovely people at I think I actually gasped when I took these out of their box, such is their beauty. Again, they are very high and suede does not mix with rain so they don’t get as much wear as they deserve.

Magrit Navy Heels
Magrit Navy

Bought at a local outlet store for £22. They are lovely and fully leather.

Matalan Cream and Black Quilted Heels
Matalan cream black quilt MJs

Just £12, can you believe it?! They are super comfy and I love them.

Matalan Purple Flats
Matalan Purple Flats

These now live under my desk at work as my just-in-case emergency flats.

Matalan Red Flats
Matalan red flats

These are leather and after a little cut in the back to make them more comfy, they have had a lot of wear.

Matalan Snakeskin Heels
Matalan Snakeskin

I had been on the look out for snakeskin heels for ages and spied these for just £6 in the sale. Another favourite pair.

Matalan Teal Wedges
Matalan teal

Just £10 many years ago. I don’t have many pairs of wedges but this is one of them.

Matalan Tweed Heels
Matalan Tweed

Another £6 in the sale bargain. I love Matalan shoes! (You may be able to tell that from the amount I have...)

Matalan Patent Lace Up Heels

I wore these just this week. They are the perfect combination of edgy and smart.

Merrell Pandi Walking Shoes
Merrell Pandi

A gift from the lovely people at Fitness Footwear. They have had plenty of use this summer as cycling shoes.

Tesco Cherokee Yellow Flats
Mustard flats Cherokee

These are fabric lined and I walked around in them all day the other Saturday. They are really comfy.

New Look Grey Faux Suede Heels
New Look Grey

Bought for £4.99 in a charity shop in Whitby. Gorgeous shoes but again, not great with the rain.

New Look Blue Suede Shoe Boots

I’m not sure why these are in my Shoes folder but they are so they’re on the list. I’ve had these about 4 years.

Next Look Black and Cream Heels
Next black & cream

£4.99 in a charity shop and a size 9 – a rare find. These were hardly worn and part of the original price sticker was still intact, revealing them to be £44.99 when new.

Next Grey Heels
Next grey

Another charity shop find, another pair of supremely comfortable low heels.

Next Leopard Print Heels
Next Leopard Print

I think Next have sized up all their shoes recently as these are bit too big for me. But padded out with insoles, heel grips and cotton wool, they will be fine with thick tights and socks come winter.

Next Silver Flip Flops
Next Silver flip flops

These were bought a couple of summers ago as it was hot and I wanted a dressy pair of flip flops to wear for a date night in the city. They are yet to be saved in the Shoeper Challenge and I am running out of flip flop weather.

Nine West Pink Ankle Strap Heels

Bought for around £20 in the Debenhams sale, they are really useful as a neutral pair of shoes and are pretty comfy.

New Look Black Peep Toes
NL Black Twist

Ah, the first of many, many New Look pairs of shoes. These were a charity shop find for about a fiver in my home town one Friday afternoon when I used to go back there for youth work.

New Look Blue Patent Heels
NL Blue

Bought for £5 in the sale several years ago, these are a definite favourite and their cost per wear must be down to pence by now.

New Look Brown Heels
NL Brown

An eBay purchase a couple of years back to fill the gap in my shoe-drobe for brown courts. They are leather.

New Look Navy Fabric Flats
NL navy flats

I got these on my birthday this year – I couldn’t choose between these and the striped flats coming up in a moment, so I got both!

New Look Pewter Jewelled Sandals
NL Pewter jewel sandals

These were bought this summer to replace the almost identical pair I had last year that snapped.

New Look Silver Glitter Heels
NL Silver

Another eBay purchase. A friend of mine bought the sling back version of these in the store and I loved them but didn’t like the sling back part. When I spotted them as a court shoe on eBay I had to have them.

New Look Navy and White Stripe Flats
NL Stripe flats

The second pair of flats bought on my birthday. They’ve had quite a bit of wear this summer.

New Look Turquoise Peep Toes
NL Turquoise

A charity shop find in the next town over and they were just £2.99. Bargain!

New Look Turquoise Flats
NL Turquoise flat

I needed some turquoise flats so it was New Look to the rescue once more.

NOW Discount Shoes Red Heels
NOW Discount Red

I was sent these as part of NOW Discount Shoes’ blogger program. They have had many outings on Ruby Shoesdays.

Office Blue Metallic Heels
Office Chantelle

It was love at first sight when I saw these on the Office website and I was lucky to snag them for just £20. I have loved them ever since they arrived and I have worn them many times. You may also recognise them as the logo of this blog!

Orchard Red Wedges
Orchard red wedge

Having given up on finding the red wedges I wanted from Next this summer, I settled for this pair from Brantano. They are a low heel and worked well with shorts.

Ethel Austin Pink Flats
Pink Flats

Bought to replace the pink flats that got so scuffed they had to be relegated to become driving shoes.

Priceless Shoes Black Flats
Priceless Black Flats

I needed black flats. These were just £9.

Priceless Blue Fabric Flats
Priceless Blue Flats

These were bought a couple of Christmases ago as I didn’t have any dressy flats and wanted some for the various trips to the pub that were coming up over the festive season.

Priceless White Flats
Priceless Flat White

We had to have white flats for the show last year and these were the cheapest I could find in my size.

Priceless Purple Fabric Flats
Priceless Purple Flats

The same as the blue pair above. They were so cheap I got them in purple too.

Priceless Silver Flats
Priceless Silver flat

The same style as the white ones above. I had another pair of silver flats that got worn to death so I replaced them with these.

Priceless White Mary Janes
Priceless White

We had to have white character shoes for the show last year too and my friend found this pair at Priceless for just £10. Almost the entire ladies’ chorus ended up with the same shoes.

Priceless Yellow Wedges
Priceless yellow

Just £6 in the sale. I don’t wear yellow a lot but these provide an unexpected pop of colour when required.

New Look Red Wedges
Red Wedges

Another charity shop find – I think these were £4.99. They get plenty of wear in the summer months.

Next Red Heels

The first pair of red shoes I had as an adult. They were bought 4 years ago and have been worn so many times that their cost per wear must be minimal by now. I am sad that they seem to have stretched out recently and are now a little big. I will have to wear them with thick socks over the winter.

River Island Red Wedges
RI Red wedges

Ah, the Insane Red Wedges. These were bought this summer after I saw Amber with them and they are so comfy. They are insanely high, but I love them.

Roberto Vianni Brown Ankle Strap Heels

Bought in the sale at Debenhams with some Christmas money from the young man’s parents. I think they were £19.50.

Silver Gladiator Sandals
Silver Gladiators

Bought on eBay this summer. They may be going back on there next year as they didn’t get as much wear as I thought they would.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Fuchsia Lady Dragon Hearts
Vivienne Westwood-Melissa Lady Dragon 2

A gift from Shudoo and I love them!

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Grey Lady Dragon Hearts
Vivienne Westwood-Melissa Lady Dragon Grey

I love the fuchsia pair so much that I bought the grey pair from eBay. I feel they will be practical in the rain as they are plastic.

FitFlop SuperTone Trainers
FitFlop SuperTone

A gift from the lovely folk at Fitness Footwear. They are super comfy (they survived a whole day walking around London) and I can see them being worn regularly this season.


  1. woooow that is a lot of shoes, puts my tiny collection to shame! c:

  2. I'd die for those Vivienne Westwood shoes - both pairs!