Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outfit: A Little Festive






We may still be 6 weeks off Christmas but I am already feeling a little festive. I am no longer skipping the Christmas songs when they come on my mp3 shuffle, and I got quite excited when I saw a Coca Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ billboard advert the other day. I am nowhere near prepared for Christmas though. I have not even bought any cards, let alone written them, and I haven’t started my Christmas shopping either. That will all be rectified in a couple of weeks though as I have a day booked off work to go shopping with my sister.

The weather today is totally random so it looks as though trousers and boots were a good choice. It was frosty last night and I expected to have to scrape my car, but it was raining and had warmed up quite a bit. There was a rainbow outside a few minutes ago, standing out brightly against the grey clouds. Then the rain started and was blowing horizontally, and now there’s a bit of blue sky and the sun is trying to put in an appearance. Oops, spoke too soon, the horizontal rain is back.

Grey waistcoat – Long Tall Sally
Teal sweater – Long Tall Sally
Grey trousers – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Teal boots – Faith
Silver hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £120


  1. Oooh haven't seen the Coco Cola advert yet, 'tis the Official Sign Of Christmas.

  2. Thanks Anna.
    Em - it was only a billboard that I saw, the TV ad is far more exciting. And I long to see a Coke lorry in real life.