Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #81 and a Reason to Always Wear an Apron When Cooking









Last night I made leek and potato soup. And there was a soup explosion. And the cream kitchen curtains bore the brunt of it. Well, I say curtains; luckily it was just the one. I couldn’t find any washing instructions so I threw it in the machine on a gentle wash and hoped for the best. It seems to have come out OK and is now drying on an airer in the kitchen (I wasn’t sure whether it would tumble dry or not, so I thought best not). At least it was only leek and potato soup, not tomato or something that would stain horribly.

I blame my blender. The lid doesn’t stay on when you blend so you have to not put too much in it at once (makes making soup interesting when you have to split it into 3 or 4 parts to blend) and push down with your whole body weight whilst turning the knob. Even then, accidents sometimes happen as I proved last night. Fortunately I was wearing an apron so the bit that splattered at me mostly went on that and not on my clothes. And that is why you should always wear an apron when cooking.

So, on to today’s outfit. In my eagerness to knock another pair of boots off my Shoe Challenge I completely forgot it was Ruby Shoesday. (Is anyone else still doing that anyway?) I haven’t been doing my collection of coloured tights justice recently and decided that today was the day to rectify that. So bright teal it was. I like that they give just a pop of colour to an all black ensemble. That is, until I added the scarf. Then it just became a whole riot of colour.

This skirt is really a dress in disguise – I needed a black skirt short enough to flash a bit of leg between it and the top of my boots and this dress fit the bill perfectly. It also provides another layer under my sweater.

Black dress (worn as a skirt) – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black sweater – Long Tall Sally
Teal tights – Accessorize
Black boots – ASOS
Oversize scarf – H&M
Silver hoops – gifted
Teal beads – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £114


  1. Get yourself a tesco value hand blender! It is fabulous - I have had mine for years and it was less than £5. Use it for all of O's purees too.

  2. Yes I am thinking a hand blender may be the way to go. I'll have a look when I'm in Tesco on Thursday.

  3. That is a great outfit. Perfect dress/sweater and perfect boots!