Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hair Extensions

I bought some hair extensions from eBay this week. They are real hair and are Remy ones (I think that means that the roots and tips are the correct way round) from Hair Extension Dreams. I put them in for the first time tonight, just to see how they would look and here are the results.



I curled them to start with, and liked the look a lot. I’ve been very jealous of Amber’s hair this week, she manages to get awesome curls that I can never achieve. I think it’s just because my hair isn’t long enough. I also love and covet Kendi’s hair which is just as long and luscious.



I then brushed the curls out and it left a lovely wave.


Finally I straightened the extensions again to put them away. They look OK like this, but not as natural as when they are curled. I am really pleased with the colour match and will definitely be working these in to my look sometime soon.


  1. They look fantastic - I've been looking for a hair extensions for ages (really want a fake fringe!), but I just can't find a decent colour match. I would never have guessed these weren't your real hair, though!

  2. Thank you! I love your hair colour but I'm glad I wasn't trying to find extensions in it.