Sunday, January 02, 2011

Review: Babyliss Big Hair Spinning Brush

Two words: LOVE IT. But I’ll come to that. Let me start from the beginning. Back in December, when my hairdresser dried my hair and made it look fabulous, I said to her that I had no idea how to achieve such a look on my own. She said she had never tried it, but thought that new spinning brush styler thing would be the way to go. I asked around on Twitter and a couple of people on there had tried it and loved it. All the reviews on Amazon seemed favourable and when I spotted that someone had bought it the day before at Asda, for the reduced price of £35 (RRP £44.99) I decided to give it a go. I was in luck and my local Asda had one in stock.

As with any new styling product, the technique takes a bit of practice and a few goes at finding the best way to use it to achieve the results you want. I have found that clipping up the top section of my hair, drying the underneath part, and then randomly drying the top section works best for me. I follow the tips in the instructions and hold my hair wound up in it for a few seconds to add more shape.

Whilst I have yet to achieve major volume with this (but then my hair is so fine that I don’t think I will achieve major volume from anything, ever) it does make my layers far more pronounced, and it practically negates the need for me to straighten, such is the quality of the blow dry it gives. I find I just need to sort out my fringe section with my straigteners, and sometimes I use them to flick out the ends of my hair more, but that is all.

The Babyliss Big Hair is a hairdryer and a brush rolled into one (the hot air is blown out from between the brush bristles) so it definitely solves that age old problem of trying to wield a hairdryer and a brush to give yourself a blow dry. The brush spins in both directions and although you would think it would get tangled in your hair, it doesn’t. You can wind your hair around it and then spin it the other way to unwind.

I would definitely recommend this styler to anyone with mid- to long length hair (and this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just think this product is fantastic). There seems to be a dearth of video tutorials on the web for it so I am toying with the idea of doing one myself – we’ll see. You can buy it at the usual kind of places – Argos, Boots, Amazon, Asda, though prices seem to vary so check online first.

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