Monday, March 14, 2011

New Blazer

I ordered a blazer online from Next on Friday evening and it was available for me to collect in store first thing this morning. I decided to use this service rather than the courier so I didn’t have to worry about them not leaving it if I wasn’t in. This is what I ordered online:

Next stripe jacket

And this is what I received:

Next jacket actual

Next jacket detail

As you can see, one bears no resemblance to the other.

Now clearly the jacket in the picture existed at some point as the model is wearing it and had her picture taken. But when you type the code in from the label of the jacket I have, the one from the website picture comes up, suggesting that that one no longer exists.

Fortunately (for Next) I actually prefer the one I have so I’m not too disappointed, but I can imagine some people wouldn’t be happy to receive something other than what they’d ordered.

This isn't the first time this has happened with Next. I ordered some black boots last year which when they arrived were blatantly not black, but grey. I returned them.

I loved the in store collection service and would definitely use it again, but it would have been nice to receive what I thought I had ordered.


  1. Boo that they messed up your order! I prefer the one you got, too :)


  2. That is shocking! It is nothing like the one that they claim to be selling! I personally would contact them and let them know that you do like the one that you have, but the picture is very misleading and they should somewhere let people know that the pictured blazer is not what they will recieve.

    It is lovely.

  3. Thanks ladies.

    I've contacted Next and they said thank you for letting them know and they would alert the correct team to sort out the picture discrepancy.

  4. I like the one you got better too. (and glad you're happy with it!) BUT that is soooo irritating!! It's like when you're shopping online and click on an item and then it says "item no longer available". ok, then, take it off the website!!! grrrrr.

  5. I love how everyone likes the jacket I have better than the one pictured. It's available in stores too, I saw it in my local Next at the weekend.