Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #36 and a Sunny Sunday





Priceless Flat White

It is another lovely warm sunny day. I am typing this in the garden, but will have to move indoors shortly as it’s difficult to edit photos when you can’t see the screen properly (damn you, shiny laptop screen).


I cycled to the mall and back (about 11 miles) this morning, and have been sitting in the garden with a book this afternoon (with the addition of my straw Stetson). I gave myself a pedicure too – it’s nice to be able to do that outside as it means you don’t have the smell of the nail polish and remover lingering in the house.


I usually wear my trainers for cycling, but if I’m going somewhere specific, I’ll sometimes wear flat shoes. This pair is good as the strap ensures they stay on your feet. They were bought for the show two years ago, and I wore them a bit last summer. There’s something quite summery about white shoes I think. Sorry to any Americans reading this who may be offended by the appearance of white shoes prior to Memorial Day! I know I have worn these tops a lot recently, but this is one of my favourite combinations. It also keeps the sun off my shoulders.

Blue top – Dunnes
Blue and white stripe tank – River Island
Jeans – South at (gift)
White flats – Priceless Shoes
Blue beads – gifted

Total Est. Cost £20

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