Friday, May 20, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #52 and a Sunny Friday






Mustang Sanfretallano wedges

This is another H&M top and it is a different size to the one I wore yesterday. I had been after it for weeks as I’ve seen it on at least two other bloggers (both in the US). I love that it is a bit of a departure for me in that it is green, but then it is still stripy and there’s still navy in there so it will fit perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe. There was only size Small left in the store on Sunday but as it looked quite wide (I think it’s really supposed to be quite a baggy style) I tried it on anyway, and it fit! Yay for H&M’s erratic sizing!


Last night we headed out on our bikes after tea. We had a cycle round our local area, through the wood, and then up to see the young man’s parents. It’s so much quicker cycling back from their house than walking – you’re home in less than 5 minutes and it’s downhill most of the way.


We might have a barbeque this evening if the weather holds out, and I’d like to make some bread if I have time.


I thought I would keep things quite 70s today, with the flared leg jeans and the wedges. This is the second of my two pairs from Sarenza, and I have to say I am loving being an ambassador for their brand. Thank you for choosing me Sarenza! The wedges are by Mustang Shoes and are really comfy. I try to look for summer wedges with a fabric lining where possible, because I know it won’t rub. These are just high enough to give me a bit of lift, but low enough to be really walkable. I love how they are made of three different patterned fabrics.


Navy and green stripe top – H&M
Jeans – River Island
Blue and white wedges – Mustang Shoes (Sarenza) (gifted)
Green beads – I Am..... Boutique
Silver bling ring – River Island
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Blue glitter belt – H&M
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £67


  1. Hi !!! Good job!

  2. Super Cute top!! So spring-y!!