Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #53 and Saturday at the Seaside


Mustard flats Cherokee

This morning we were up bright and early and headed off towards the coast. We stopped in Thornton-le-Dale briefly, and we were going to drive through Dalby Forest but there was a cycling event on and the road was closed to traffic. We parked up in Sandsend and walked along the beach to Whitby. We had some lunch in our favourite restaurant there and then walked up the 199 steps to the Abbey. We sat on a bench in the churchyard for a while, admiring the view, then headed back down. We walked back along the cliff tops, then down onto the beach again and back to the car. I thought it might be nice to have a barbeque for tea, but by the time we got home it had clouded over and so we had to make do with sausage sandwiches in front of the TV.

We’re not having much luck with the weather really – last night it was pouring with rain by teatime so there was no barbeque then either. Instead I spent the evening making bread. I use a basic Jamie Oliver recipe but last night I found (thanks to Google) that I could switch out a quarter of the flour and replace it with the same amount of rolled oats for a slightly different texture and flavour. Any homemade bread is delicious though!

This evening we are just chilling in front of the TV and I am praying for the rain to hold off until my washing is dry.

I only had time to snap one quick picture in the mirror this morning as the young man wanted to get off for our day out. But I needed to get that picture as this is another pair of shoes saved in the Shoeper Challenge and, as the rules state, you have to have photographic evidence of having worn the shoes. This pair is from Cherokee at Tesco and cost just £5. Remember what I said about fabric linings yesterday? Well this pair is lined with (polka dot) fabric and that makes them really comfy as they don’t rub. The soles are also quite spongy, which helps too.

I added my black cardi and turquoise pashmina to the look you see here, and I’m glad I did as the wind was quite chilly at times.

White top – QS
Jeans – South at (gifted)
Yellow flats – Cherokee at Tesco
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted
Wonder Woman belt – River Island

Total Est. Cost £27

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