Thursday, June 02, 2011

Outfit: Shrinking an Oversize Shirt





Next Tan Wedges

So you have a shirt that’s two sizes too large for you, what do you do? Shrink it down by knotting it at the front! (Sorry if you thought this was going to be a guide to shrinking stuff down in the tumble dryer or something. Does that even work? Back in the days before jeans were sold pre-shrunk, my Godmother worked in girls’ boarding school. She said the girls would sit in baths of cold water, shrinking their new jeans to fit them. But I digress.) I’ve seen several other bloggers knotting shirts at the front and knew it was the perfect way to stop this top from drowning me as it really is far too big. It’s a really good quality white cotton though, so I can bear to part with it as it’s so difficult to find white tops that aren’t completely see-through these days. (And yes, I am aware my belly is a little on show here, but don’t worry, I made sure the top was pulled down over my jeans whilst in the office. I just wish I had done that for the pictures, too.)



We’ve had a bit of a flood at the office overnight – the water cooler leaked and 18 litres of water are now all over the carpet. I am glad I am in my high wedges today and therefore well above the waterline!

I added my bright oversize H&M scarf to the outfit today (but stupidly didn’t take a picture), and forewent a sweater as the highs are forecast to get up to 23°C.

White top – QS
Jeans – Next Tall (clearance outlet)
Tan wedges – Next
Tan leather belt – River Island
Turquoise necklace – gifted
Turquoise bangle – Dorothy Perkins
Silver hoops – gifted
Turquoise scarf – H&M

Total Est. Cost £70

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