Friday, July 15, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #65 and an Awesome Skirt!





Priceless White

Remember last week I showed you a sneak peek of something I thrifted? Well here it is! This skirt started life as some kind of baby doll dress or top – it had shoulder straps when I found it. I knew it had potential as a skirt though, and having decided that yes, the top of it would fit round my waist, I paid the £4 it cost and was on my way. A couple of snips with the scissors later and I have one high waisted skirt (and it’s even a bit big – the belt is a necessity), featuring an awesome cassette tape print! Well I couldn’t leave such a fabulous print in the charity shop, could I?


Cassette skirt

I went to Boxercise last night and it was great. A girl befriended me and showed me what to do, and it hurt my arms to drive home afterwards. I think I will go again when I’m free on a Thursday.


I was going to wear my zebra print flats today, for a bit of pattern mixing, but then I figured I should probably get in another shoe save whilst the weather is still good (things are set to go downhill from this evening if the forecast is to be believed). White shoes only really work when the sun is shining so today seemed the perfect opportunity to save them. These shoes were bought for the show 2 years ago, and they were just £10 from Priceless Shoes. Almost the whole ladies’ chorus had the same pair (because we all needed white heels and this pair was so cheap), leading to photos such as this:


Black shrug – New Look
White t – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Black and white skirt – H&M (charity shop)
White shoes – Priceless Shoes
Red beads – eBay
Black patent belt – Primark
Red bangles – Primark
Silver hoops - gifted

Total Est. Cost £32


  1. That print is absolutely amazing - you were so right to snap it up! And the skirt looks great, too - I would never have guessed that it hadn't always been a skirt!

  2. This skirt looks amazing on you!

  3. Fine! And where's YOU in the shoe chorus? )))

  4. Thanks ladies!

    And OldGardener: I think I'm the one in the floral dress at the top of the picture.