Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outfit: Spots and Stripes






NOW Discount Red

I think I like polka dots as much as I like stripes. I only have a couple of items of clothing that have spots, but I intend to get plenty of wear out of them, especially as they are both pieces that will work year round. I added classic red shoes and my trench coat to leave the house. It is sunny with blue skies today, fingers crossed it will stay that way for a while.


Last night was my weigh in for Weight Watchers and I have lost a further 3lbs taking me to half a stone in total. Yay! We went to the local pub for tea last night with the young man’s parents and as I had 71 spare points (from my weekly and activity totals), plus some of the day’s points left, I decided not to worry about what I ate for one night and enjoyed the small portion of fish and chips, with jam roly poly and custard for dessert. It was delicious. I am back on plan to day though, and I have one point less per day now thanks to my weight loss.


I wore this skirt two weeks ago, the day I signed up to WW. That day it was wrinkling up when I walked and I just felt like it wasn’t hanging very well. Today it is still wrinkling up when I walk, but not as much, and I feel more comfortable in it. Perhaps I will make this my fortnightly marker skirt – wear it every second Thursday and see how the fit has altered.


Tonight is Boxercise class and I want to cycle up to the gym too to earn an extra activity point. I have no intention of actually using them up, but it’s nice to know I have them built up, just in case I need them. And there is talk of Chinese food on Sunday which I know will be disastrous!

Red and white stripe top – H&M
Black and white polka dot skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Red shoes – c/o NOW Discount Shoes
Red beads – Ethel Austin
Silver and diamante necklace – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £31


  1. Luv the look..just right...

  2. Great outfit! The shoes are well combined to the stripes & necklace. Are the photos taken at the office? It's so difficult & sorry to control what you eat & count the points, isn't it?..

  3. Thanks both!

    I take my pictures at home before I go to work.
    And yes, it's certainly testing doing WW but I'm not struggling too much so far.