Monday, September 05, 2011

Outfit: Saturday



Cowboy Boots

Saturday morning we were up in reasonable time. I put on my old jeans that I wear around the house for cleaning etc and I needed a belt as they can now be slid off me without unfastening. I made porridge for breakfast, then cleaned the bathroom, vacced, emptied the bins and generally pottered about the house.


After lunch the young man headed off on his bike to meet some friends, and I got ready and walked up to Ikea. My tights collection has become a bit unruly and outgrown its drawer, and I needed some kind of box or something to store them in. I found what I was looking for, along with a shallow pie tin with a loose bottom which will make getting filo pastry pies out of a tin far easier. I went across and had a look in Habitat, to see what was left (not much, though if you want a new sofa or dining table, now is the time to buy as the remaining stock has 80% off) and then walked home. It was quite warm and muggy although it was overcast, so I was glad I had opted for short sleeves.


I sorted out my tights (they are all neatly stowed in boxes according to type now), then I read some magazines and played about on the internet until the young man texted to say he was coming home for tea. He requested his favourite, chicken fried rice so that’s what we had. We watched a bit of TV and then had a fairly early night as we were planning an early start Sunday morning.

I got these shorts over a year ago in the Next Clearance store. I was looking for some brown wintery shorts (if there is such a thing – I wanted some in a fairly heavy fabric that I could wear over tights, rather than some light cotton ones) and these were only £7 so I nabbed them. They never ended up being worn but I tried them on Saturday morning and they now fit how I wanted them to, so they got their inaugural wearing. They are a black and brown check so the black tights and brown boots played off them nicely.

White t – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Brown shorts – Next Clearance
Black tights – Silkies
Brown cowboy boots – New Look
Brown bangles – Dorothy Perkins
Silver bangles – Scope
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £70