Monday, September 05, 2011

A Sunday Soaking

I didn’t have time to take any outfit photos yesterday, but you didn’t miss much – just skinny jeans, a cosy plaid shirt and my tan flat boots. We were up bright and early to head off to the coast where the young man’s parents and Aunt are staying in a caravan, just north of Whitby. It was forecast to rain but the sun was out when we set off.

We arrived around 10am and had a cup of tea, read the papers, had more tea, then had an early lunch as we decided to go to the Town and Country Fair that was on just outside Whitby. We set off and although there was a cold wind and lots of grey cloud, it stayed dry. The fair was good considering it was free – there was a central arena for events such as a vintage car parade, dog agility and show jumping, and there were plenty of trade stands. The young man and his dad spent ages looking at old motorbikes, tractors and engines. We were there about an hour and a half an then returned to the caravan to warm up with yet more tea.

Just after 4pm the young man and I decided to have a walk along the cliff. That part of the east coast is very susceptible to landslide and so there is a lot of slate shale from where the cliff has collapsed. Whitby Jet is often uncovered when the cliffs move and the young man found a lump yesterday (that’s also where the piece came from that my cross necklace is made out of). We had been walking about 20 minutes when the heavens opened and there was a torrential rain shower. I had my umbrella with me, but it only provided a little shelter as the rain was so heavy. We started back and my shower-proof raincoat held up fairly well, until it started leaking on the back. By the time we got back to the caravan we were pretty soaked. The young man had brought a change of clothes in case he was called upon to do any odd jobs, so he changed his jeans. His mum lent me a pair of trousers that were about 5 inches too short (and which fit me, thanks to Weight Watchers), but fortunately I had my tall boots on so the trousers tucked in and you couldn’t tell what length they were. My shirt and cardi were wet too, so I put on the young man’s spare shirt and belted it around my waist. I joked that if I’d had my bright red boots on I would have auditioned as an extra for Ashes to Ashes, I looked so 80s!

Once we were dried out we headed back towards home, and stopped for a meal at the Fox and Rabbit pub on the A169 on the way, where the food was fabulous. It was a fab day out, despite the soaking, and it’s always good to get some sea air. We had a quiet evening when we got back – I made the lunches for today, stewed some apples for my porridge for breakfast, and parcelled up some eBay sales.

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