Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge #81 and A Very Rainy Saturday




I was hoping I would be able to save another pair of shoes last night, but in the end we didn’t go out so I had no need for shoes. Our friends came over and my cooking went down very well. We had a few drinks and played some music, then the young man served up a cheese board and some port.


This morning I put on several loads of washing, hung each load out, only for it to be rained on (this happened 3 times!), gave up and put it all in the dryer. I sorted out some more jeans that no longer fit and I’ve just listed them on eBay. I defrosted some homemade soup for dinner.


This afternoon I went to our local town and dropped off a couple of bags at the charity shop, then went to ASDA to buy a couple of new bras. I may have ended up with a necklace and the October issue of Vogue too! We are now having a quiet evening, the young man is watching Dad’s Army at present.


These boots were bought from Priceless Shoes at least five years ago, if not six. It was around the hottest day of the year that summer (I think it was August) but I couldn’t resist the colour and I knew that if I didn’t get them there and then they would sell the only pair of 8s they had and I wouldn’t see them again. They are a little battered and worse for wear (walking around Amsterdam in them for two whole days a few years back didn’t really help them I don’t think) but I love the colour (they’re bright blue!) and they are very comfy.

My outfit today was about wearing a cropped sweater over a longer shirt. I think it would work better over a slightly less long shirt. I realised after I had taken my pictures that I hadn’t put on any jewellery so I added my Whitby Jet cross, silver hoop earrings and my chunky blue/black ring.

Blue and black stripe sweater – New Look Tall
Blue and white check shirt – H&M
Skinny jeans – H&M
Blue boots – Priceless Shoes

Total Est. Cost £67

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