Thursday, September 08, 2011

Outfit: Showery Thursday






Barratts Patent

No shoe save today, but I did sneak an extra one in last night so may yet make five this week. I did opt for another pair of boots though as I awoke to – yep, you guessed it – more torrential rain. The autumn is certainly making up for the dry spring we had this year.


Last night when I got home got out my sewing box and altered the belt for this skirt I’ve got on today. It was too loose when I bought it so I’ve moved one of the buttons and put a press stud on to fasten the other end (my sewing skills are not up to making new button holes!). I also mended a hole in one of the young man’s coats. I made tea then headed out to my meeting. It was gone 10pm by the time I left the meeting, then I called at Tesco to pick up some milk and went home.


Tonight is Boxercise class at the gym, and I have a bunch of other stuff to do too – ironing, another load of washing, the Tesco shop. I will be glad when it’s the weekend!


So this skirt is still nice and loose on me, especially around the waist. I am running out of idea as to what to pair it with – perhaps coloured tights next time?

Black cardi – New Look Tall
White top – QS
Black and white spot skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Black patent boots – Barratts
Silver hoops – gifted
Whitby Jet cross – gifted
Scarf – H&M

Total Est. Cost £84


  1. Hi, You had mentioned that you didn't think you would have shoes to go with the polka dot skirt but those boots look great with it. I love following your blog.

  2. Oh I have plenty of footwear to go with this skirt, I just didn't think I had any that I hadn't already 'saved' in the Shoeper Challenge.