Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recent eBay Bargains (and Some H&M Goodies)

I have sold a few more items on eBay recently and with the cash I raised, I purchased a few replacements.

Black sequined LTS dress
LTS black sequin dress

This was to replace the black sequined New Look dress I sold that was too big for me. It was BNWOT and is a much better length than the New Look one which was verging on being a bit short for a formal dress.

LTS black and white polka dot top
LTS polka dot

This was to replace a couple of ‘going out’ tops that I sold and was snagged for just £3. I love polka dots!

Red jeans – New Look Tall
NL red jeans

I’ve wanted to try out red jeans for ages but wasn’t sure how long they would last before looking ‘last season’, so winning a pair for a fiver on eBay seemed like a good way to go.

Teal top – New Look Tall
NL teal top

Another replacement ‘going out’ top – this one was £2.87. It has fabulous fluttery sleeves going on and a metallic print on the front. I guess it might work as a casual top too.

H&M black dress

I got this black dress in H&M yesterday. I had seen it when the new fall stuff came in and it looked to be a sensible length (why are all the dresses so short this season?) but I never got chance to try it on (a must with H&M’s hit and miss sizing). So I looked for it yesterday and it fit perfectly (and is knee length on me – very sensible). It’s a lovely heavy jersey so it hangs really nicely. I can’t wait to wear it this week! I also got a leopard print scarf and a blue top, neither of which are on H&M’s website.

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