Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning my sister came over and we headed out to the city where I used to work. We had a wander around the shops, and then stopped for lunch at BHS. This is not a store I usually go in, but they make better underskirts than Debenhams do (and that is what I needed to buy on Saturday) and their cafe was quiet and had soup so we ate there. It was cheap too. As we sat down it started snowing so we set off home soon afterwards. Back in my village there was less snow and it wasn’t coming down as hard so we visited the retail park on the way past.

My sister set off home so she didn’t get stranded in the snow, and the young man and I went up to a pub in a nearby village with some friends. We ended up staying there for tea (they’d had a lot of cancellations due to the weather) and waiting out the snowstorm. By the time we’d eaten the snow had stopped and we went for a walk around the village and built a makeshift snowman. I decided it would be fine to drive home as the roads would be quiet so we set off back.

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. I went to Tesco to do the grocery shop, and then walked up to the retail park in the afternoon.

I attempted to get some outfit pictures outside in the snow, but my camera remote doesn’t seem to work very well outside anymore (I’ve just ordered a new one) and this was all I managed before giving up:



You can just about see what I’m wearing though. The top was a £2 charity shop bargain one lunchtime last week and the wellies are for the snow.

I had decided to bake and apple cake (hence the walk to get eggs) and so I baked that when I got home.

Striped polo neck – Uniqlo (charity shop)
Black cashmere sweater (under the striped top) – F+F at Tesco
Jeans – New Look
Hunter wellies – c/o Fitness Footwear
Wonder Woman belt – River Island

Total Est. Cost £54

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