Sunday, March 11, 2012

Humphrey: The Shoegal Cat

As I mentioned in my Thursday Latelies I often get comments or tweets about my cat. I have posted about him before but that was a couple of years back so here’s an update for those who have joined us since then.

The cat is called Humphrey (after the Downing Street cat) and he is not real. So everyone worrying about how he never moves or looks a bit odd can stop worrying. He’s not real! He belongs to the young man (I have no idea why he had a fake cat in the first place) and moved down here with us when we moved in together five years ago. He took up residence in front of the fire and there he has stayed ever since. A few people have been fooled into thinking he is real (from a distance when he’s facing the fireplace he is quite convincing), including my brother-in-law who approached him with caution the first time he visited us.

We don’t have a real cat as it would be left alone all day and we would have to ensure we were back to feed it on evenings and weekends which would be tying for us, so Humphrey is the closest thing we’re going to get right now. I love that you lovely readers ask about him and it was high time he had a post dedicated to him.

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