Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Outfit: Taken In





Sarenza Bocage Dimao boots

I had these trousers taken in a couple of months ago, after I got to my goal on WW. I don’t wear trousers (other than jeans) all that often (which I’m sure as a blog reader you’ll have noticed) so I’m only just getting round to wearing them. Now that I have it in my head that they fit perhaps they’ll come out a little more often. I got rid of a few pairs of trousers that were too big, but these are part of a suit and as the jacket still fits and the fabric is a little unusual (brown pinstripe) I thought it was worth having them altered.



Last night I went to my step class as planned. As I was driving home I thought it was a little darker than usual and was just questioning whether my headlights were working properly as I turned into our street, when I heard a house alarm going off. There is one house in our street whose alarm is always going off at random times and sure enough, as I rounded the corner the light on their alarm box was blinking. But the noise seemed quite loud and as I got out of the car I realised it was all the alarms in the street going off because the power was out. Hence why it looked dark in the street – I am rubbish at noticing when street lamps are out! The young man had already decked out the house with candles and so there was light, even if there was a lack of heat and tea making facilities. I attempted to phone the electricity board but couldn’t find a number in the phone book and so looked online – thank goodness for mobile phone internets! The website said the fault had been reported and the power should be back on about half past nine. However, at 8.15pm there was a final beep from all the alarms and the lights came back on. So I went to take a shower (with no electric we have no hot water) and then watched Gypsy Weddings.


Tonight we are meeting some friends for a bite to eat in the city.

Tan sweater – New Look Tall
Brown trousers – Long Tall Sally
Leopard print booties – Bocage (c/o Sarenza)
Wooden heart necklace – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted
Wooden bangles – gifted
Brown and silver scarf – mall market stall

Total Est. Cost £60

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