Sunday, April 01, 2012

Shoeper Challenge 2012 #16 and a Spotty Sweater


Yesterday the weather finally broke and it was chilly enough to need a sweater again. I walked to the village in the morning to go to the Post Office, then trekked up the hill to the retail park for some bits in Boots. Just as I was coming home, it started to drizzle. I’d put my washing on the line not 90 minutes earlier so it looks as though my magical powers that allow me to make it rain are still good and strong!


I baked a cake using ingredients that make it just 2 WW points for the whole cake if you are following Filling and Healthy. I’ve decided it needs a little more sweetener though so I’ll perfect the recipe before I post it here. I snapped a picture of the finished cake and it tastes OK as it is, even better if you ice it with chocolate Philadelphia as I did at lunchtime today.


I also made some pancakes which are 0 points on F&H, and here’s the recipe for those (pinched from the WW message boards:
2 eggs
4 tbsp low fat natural yoghurt
2 tbsp sweetner
6 tbsp oatbran
handful blueberries

Mix and make small pancakes (about 2 tbsps of mixture) makes 4 and they are like Scotch pancakes.



I omitted the blueberries and got 5 pancakes out of my batter. They tasted better after I’d let them cool and then toasted them, as I would bought Scotch pancakes.


In the afternoon I did another load of washing, cleaned the bathroom, vacced, planned my Junior Church lesson for today, into my local town to get some wallpaper lining paper for making palm branches (where they were still queuing for petrol and Tesco had run out of fuel on half their pumps) and then chilled out in the conservatory in the sunshine.


As it was (mostly) dry yesterday I took the opportunity to save another pair of fabric shoes. These were bought at the same time as the navy and white stripe flats I wore last week, around 3 years ago on my birthday. They were about £10 or £12 in New Look.

NL navy flats

I didn’t take proper outfit shots yesterday as by the time I got round to it I was windswept from my walk and had been rained on, so detail shots will have to suffice. The sweater was purchased on eBay a few weeks back and I didn’t get chance to wear it before the weather warmed up. This was actually the second of these sweaters I bought – the first one never turned up as it got lost in the post (nice going Royal Fail) and my money was refunded.

Navy and cream spot sweater – Topshop (eBay)
Jeans – New Look
Navy flats – New Look
Blue beads – gifted
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Silver earrings – gifted
Cream leather belt – gifted

Total Est. Cost £46

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