Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ask Shoegal...

Got a style question you want me to answer? Ask away and I’ll publish my answer on the blog!

Anonymous asks:
Hi, I love your blog and read it all the time. I am wondering if you think it is more flattering to wear mid-rise or high-rise jeans. Also do you think it is better to tuck in your tops or leave them untucked or even half tucked, thanks 

I am in my 30s now, so for me personally, a mid-rise or high-rise jean is a must. No low cuts for me. Besides, the lower the waistband the more chance there is of the dreaded muffin top or of flashing your pants (or worse) at the back when you bend down. Whether mid- or high-rise is most flattering really depends on what you are wearing with the jeans. A fitted top will be fine over either rises of jeans but I find a looser fitting top needs to be tucked in at the front (see below) and for this the most flattering style of jeans for me is a mid-rise. For this reason I would say the mid-rise is certainly the more versatile style of jeans but it really is down to personal preference.

When it comes to tucking or not tucking, that really depends on the jeans. If I am wearing a belt (and usually I am – my waist is much smaller than my hips so jeans tend to gape on me at the back and need a belt) then I like to either fully tuck in or at least tuck in the front of my top. This is partly so that the belt doesn’t cause an odd lump at the front (though this can be avoided with a flat belt – I have a chain belt that doesn’t cause lumps) and partly because I can end up looking as though I have no waist if the top of my jeans is completely covered. I find tucking in at the front creates some sort of shape. I will often tuck in a top completely if I am wearing a long, loose cardigan over the top. This again gives me some sort of shape beneath the cardigan.

All of this is merely what I find works for me, so if you prefer a lower rise or even a high-waisted cut then go with whatever works for you. What rise of jean do you find most flattering? And is tucking in your top a must for you or a big -no?

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  1. Like you I like a slightly higher rise jean to avoid muffin top, but tucking for me is a massive no no - I am so short waisted tucking a top makes me look completely out of proportion - long long legs, itty bitty top "half" lol