Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday Friday Latelies

Oops, I forgot about this yesterday! Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week:

  • New shoes – your day is always going to be better if you have new shoes to wear and especially if they are as pretty as the ones I wore yesterday. 
  • Catching up with old friends – it was awesome seeing many of my gang from school last weekend and reminiscing about the good times we spent there. 
  • Vaseline Essential Moisture lotion – I don’t use any fancy moisturisers on my skin, but I do use this lotion to keep my hands soft all day (I have a small size tube on my desk) and I use it on my face at night. It seems to do the job and doesn’t cost a fortune. 
  • Mini Cadbury’s Animal Biscuits – they come free with the stationery orders at work sometimes, and they always seem to show up at just the right time when I’m in need of a sugar/chocolate fix. They’re so small that they are a little treat without too many calories.

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