Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #47 and Gift Wrapping a Cow




Magrit Navy

It’s Thursday but I could really have done with it being Friday. We went out last night and it wasn’t that late, but later than usual for a week night. Our friend is leaving the frozen north and moving down south today and last night was his final farewell. We met at a fairly new pub and had some food, then more friends and family arrived and we had a lovely time drinking and chatting. It was actually warm enough to sit outside for the first time this month and we only needed to move indoors when it got dark.


The young man and I had got out friend a leaving present, and this is where the gift wrapping challenge of Tuesday night came in. For I spent a good hour of that evening gift wrapping a cow. This cow:


Mission accomplished!:


We spotted it in a shop in Wetherby when we were there on my birthday and as our friend loves cows we thought it would make the perfect leaving gifted (his partner, who he is moving to live with, was less convinced!). Well, it caused much hilarity and the other people in the pub garden must have wondered just how crazy we were.


This evening we have a walk in the park with a group of friends if the weather holds out, if not I should go to a rehearsal for the concert I am in on Saturday, although there is another rehearsal tomorrow night and I could really do with an early night. We’ll see.


Today I was going to wear the dress that I have on as a top, as a dress with cropped leggings underneath. But I decided that even with the leggings it was still a bit short for work (despite being from a Tall range) so I put the denim skirt over it. These shoes I have had for around 7 years I think, and they were purchased on my first ever trip to the outlet mall which is not far from where I now live. They are by Spanish designer Magrit and were just £22 which was an absolute bargain as they are leather inside and out. Pair #47 is safe!

Navy spot dress (worn as a top) – Topshop Tall
Denim skirt – charity shop
Navy patent shoes – Magrit (outlet mall)
Blue Obi belt – ASOS
Blue/black ring – charity shop
Blue heart necklace – Scope
Blue bead bracelet – gifted
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £68

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