Friday, June 29, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #48 and a Plaid Shirt with Teal Wedges




Matalan teal

I am so glad it’s Friday! We have next week off work (so forgive me if posting is sparse) and I could not be more ready for a rest. I seem to have been out every day/night, even if it was only to the gym, for about a fortnight now and I am ready for a week of lie-ins and generally chilling out.


Last night we went to one of the parks in the city with a group the young man is involved in and we flew boomerangs. Several of the chaps had made their own (and most of them flew) and some people had genuine Aussie ones. There was a contest to see who could throw theirs the furthest, who could throw it and have it come back closest to them, and who could hit a specific target (an inflatable kangaroo). The young man did pretty well on all the challenges, and was the hero of the hour when he climbed a tree to rescue a boomerang that had got stuck up there.


Tonight I have a rehearsal for tomorrow night’s concert so will be heading off to that after tea.

These teal wedges are old. They were bought back in about 2006 or 2007 and were just £10 from Matalan.

Plaid shirt – Primark
White tank – River Island
Jeans – River Island
Teal wedges – Matalan
Teal ring – New Look
Teal and silver bangles – Accessorize
Silver hoops – gifted
Green beads – I Am..... boutique

Total Est. Cost £78

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