Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outfit: Stripes and Grey




NOW Discount Red

Well it was so chilly yesterday that the heating went back on at work. And it wasn’t even me who caved and asked, my boss put it back on as he was cold. I have layered up again today and if the weather doesn’t improve I feel that my uniform is going to become trousers and layers of tops, or dresses with cardis and leggings or footless tights. It’s looking brighter out today but it was still only 8°C when I was driving in this morning. I was glad I’d added my turquoise pashmina. June: October called. It wants its weather back.


Last night I went to the gym and did Zumba (or a dance class called Zumba – there was more of a variety of music styles than in previous Zumba classes I’ve done and I didn’t find the steps as complicated). I really enjoyed it and will go again (assuming I can get in – Zumba classes are notorious for getting booked up very quickly at my gym). Straight after was my usual Body Conditioning class and so by the time I got home I was a bit exhausted. I’d left the slow cooker on so the young man could have his tea when he got in and mine would be ready when I got back from the gym. I’d made a potato, apple and bacon hotpot and it was delicious. I’ll definitely be making it again.


We spent the rest of the evening watching TV – something about Build, Buy or Restore (which was a property programme but the title just reminds me of Snog, Marry, Avoid), Scavenger Hunt (or Salvage Hunters as I think it’s really called) with Drew Pritchard and then American Scavenger Hunt (or Auction Hunters as it’s actually called). Somehow I have got addicted to the Quest channel – Boy TV as I like to call it. Mary Portas or Gok Wan needs to do a new fashion based show so I can redress the balance.


Tonight I am going to Step class at the gym, and beyond that I have no plans, though I do have the fabulous Keris’s new novel Emma ♥s LA to get stuck into. I read One Day over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m not sure I’d want to see the film now mind; having liked the book so much I fear it may spoil it. Reading makes a change from all the time I spend faffing about online, and reading books makes a change from the copious amounts of magazines I read.

Red and white stripe top – Kew 159 (John Lewis)
Red top (underneath) – Next Tall (eBay)
Grey trousers – Gap (charity shop)
Red shoes – c/o NOW Discount Shoes
Turquoise necklace – gifted
Turquoise pashmina – eBay
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £47

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