Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outfit: Knit Dress




LK Bennett Shilo

Tired of being cold and wanting something cosy to wear, I pulled this dress out of the storage bag under my bed. There’s just something cosy about knit dresses (although this one is cotton so not that warm, making it perfect for this rainy ‘summer’ weather we’re currently ‘enjoying’) and I feel like I won’t be cold wearing this.


Last night I went to the gym. The first class was still Bokwa (our Zumba teacher has had a boob job and so can’t jig about for a few weeks!) and I enjoyed it more than I did last week as there seemed to be more of a variety of moves. We may have Bokwa again next week, or it might be back to Zumba, it depends on the teacher. Then I did Body Conditioning which was hard work! I came home and ate my tea, then we watched a programme about the evolution of toilets on BBC4. That channel is seriously random!


Tonight I’m off to step class and that’s about it really. Just a regular Tuesday night.

Beige knit dress – Bay Trading
Tan Obi belt – ASOS
Brown leggings – New Look
Burgundy patent leather shoes – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Brown wood bangles – gifted
Brown metal bangles – Dorothy Perkins
Brown wood heart necklace – Scope
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £31


  1. Hey Shoegal, Love the belt. Can we please have a pic of the Young Man or some more details on him i.e. what he looks like?! My friend Selena really wants to know but is too scared to ask.
    Also, what are your views on diet coke or other carbonated drinks?

    C x

  2. Sorry, the young man is very camera shy and doesn't want to be on the blog. I can tell you that he's tall though, taller than me, and that he's lovely.

    As for diet coke/carbonated drinks, I don't drink them because I don't like the fizz. I never have and don't drink champagne or anything else fizzy for this reason. Though even if I did like it, I'm not sure I would drink it - have you seen what a glass of coke will do to a coin? Do I really want to drink something that will do that to metal?