Thursday, August 02, 2012

Outfit: Shoeper Challenge 2012 #55 and My Favourite Dress





LK Bennett Bank red & leopard

If you were to make me choose a favourite dress out of my closet, it would be this one. Yes, it’s plain black and a bit dull but it is made out of a lovely heavy jersey fabric and hangs really well. The waist is a little high as it’s from H&M and not made for someone as tall as I am but add a belt and that doesn’t matter. It has sleeves. There should be more dresses with sleeves if you ask me. And sleeves long enough to not need a cardi over unless it’s really cold (or the air conditioning is turned up really high). Best of all it is a sensible length. So many dresses these days are SO short. And even more so on someone who is 5’11”. Finding a knee length dress in a good quality fabric that hangs so well is a rarity. This dress (or one very similar) is in the H&M A/W catalogue again this year and it is also available in a pale pink which I intend to check out next time I’m in a H&M store.


Now about the shoes. These are my July pick using my voucher from the lovely people at Sarenza. They are by LK Bennett (of course!) and I have been eying them up for ages. They were out of my price range for a long time, but were reduced in the sale last month so I took the opportunity to nab them. They are higher than I would usually wear so I’m not sure how practical they will be, but as with all LK Bennett shoes they are well made and very pretty to look at. The large platform helps with the height and so far I am not having any problems walking in them (though I wouldn’t attempt to walk very far in them of course). The very first pair of red shoes I owned as an adult was this lovely shade of dark red and the colour is what drew me to this pair. The lovely leopard print is just an added bonus!

Black dress – H&M
Black shrug – Long Tall Sally (eBay)
Red belt – Next
Red and leopard shoes – LK Bennett (c/o Sarenza)
Black and silver bracelets – gifted
Red beads – eBay
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £42

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  1. but you look lovely here, very classic look