Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Pictures

It’s been a fabulous weekend. Busy, but fabulous. Friday night I went for my hair cutting and then dashed home to make a quick pasta dish for tea. After we’d eaten I made up the spare room and cleaned the bathroom as we had some friends coming to stay overnight. Our friends P and J arrived and we spent the evening having a few drinks, watching a bit of TV and chatting.

Sail boats on the North Sea from the West Cliff crazy golf course

Saturday morning we headed off to Whitby. It was lovely and sunny and we stopped off in Levisham on the way. We had lunch in the Horseshoe Inn there and had a little walk towards the Hole of Horcum and back. After a pint in the sunshine we continued on our way to Whitby. We parked up and had a walk on the West Cliff to play crazy golf. J and I got struck lucky on the last hole and won ourselves a free game each: the tokens can be cashed in any time so we’ll go back next spring.
High tide at Whitby

We walked across the harbour bridge and into the old town. We went to the Lucky Duck shop and P bought J a lucky duck. Then we walked up the 199 steps to the Abbey. We sat for a while on a bench enjoying the view, then when the wind chill got too much we headed back down and went to Hadleys for fish and chips. After tea we drove back home.

View from the West Cliff over Whitby Harbour

This morning we were up in good time as we had loads of things to do around the house. The young man did some painting in the bathroom and I did five loads of washing (which almost all dried on the line, despite the forecast of rain), made some soup for lunch (and croutons to go with it), waxed the sofas, cleaned out the fridge, baked bagels and cookies and then prepped a hot pot to go in the slow cooker for tea tomorrow. The bagels turned out really well for a first attempt at them, but the cookies didn’t quite go to plan. They taste OK but they’re more of a chocolate meringue than the fudgey biscuit the recipe led me to believe I would get. Perhaps I whisked the batter too hard, or used too many egg whites and it was a bit runny.

Home made bagels

Cookies that didn't quite turn out right!

The young man went to M&S and got some antipasti for tea, and we’re just chilling watching TV with the fire on (it’s autumn now, and the rain arrived cooling the air outside) this evening.


  1. What a fun weekend! I love all your pictures, looks chilly. Your cookies look delish!

  2. The sun was nice but it was a chilly wind. I wore a nice thick sweater though.