Monday, January 07, 2013

Outfit: Blue Monday and Weekend Recap



NL Blue

Friday afternoon I got home to find a card from Parcelforce saying they had tried to deliver my phone and I could pick it up from the local town’s post office (why not the one in the village I don’t know) from 4.30pm so I dashed off to collect that. Friday evening I had to do the Tesco shop, but I spent the rest of the time playing with my new phone – setting it up, figuring out how to use it and transferring my contact numbers over from my old phone.


Saturday dawned and it wasn’t raining! This was quite exciting as it has rained or drizzled solidly for about the past 3 weeks. I spent the morning doing chores and made two batches of soup, then mid-afternoon we headed out for a walk. We ended up walking about 10 miles and were both a bit achy when we got home. I made a stir-fry for tea and then we watched The Social Network (the Facebook movie) on Love Film Instant which we really enjoyed.


Sunday morning was spent quietly, recovering from the walk the day before. After lunch we went to the young man’s parents’ to pick up some toys that had belonged to his niece when she was little, to take over to my baby niece. My sister wasn’t in when we called round so we popped down to see my parents. We ended up staying for tea with them and then called in on my sister on the way home.

Today is dry again and not that cold so a dress and shoes were fine. I noticed yesterday that my phone’s calendar is linking to Google calendar (unsurprising I suppose as it’s an Android phone) and that Kimberley’s Inspiration Calendar ideas are listed there, so next time I’m stuck for something to wear I have an easy way to grab an idea!

Blue dress – Wallis (charity shop)
Blue sweater – Florence + Fred at Tesco
Grey tights – Tesco
Blue patent shoes – New Look
Grey leopard print scarf – c/o Moodys
Silver glitter belt – local boutique
Silver hoops – gifted

Total Est. Cost £29

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