Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outfit: Leopard Print, Polka Dots and Brogues



Deichmann Janet D Brogue

Sometimes I plan my outfits in advance and in a fit of organisation on Sunday night I noted down some ideas for each day this week. Today’s outfit was only partially planned though and I hadn’t selected a top, so I picked out the turquoise one last night to add some spring colour to the browns. These trousers tend to photograph a bit grey, but I promise they are brown in real life!


Last night I went to step class at the gym and then chilled on the sofa watching Lost. I finished off Season 5 of Gossip Girl and downloaded Season 6. I am in two minds about starting it though: I want to know what happens next but I don’t want it to be over and there are only ten episodes in the final season.


Is it spring yet where you are? Patches of snow are STILL lingering around here in places that don’t get any direct sunlight, but when the sun does put in an appearance it is warming up quite nicely. I may be able to put away that last winter coat after all. It’s my birthday on Sunday and I am hoping for some sunshine.


As I was listing out the items of this outfit, I got to thinking about just how much of my closet is either thrifted or bought on eBay. I reckon it must be about 50%, at least. Clothing-wise anyway. Perhaps I’ll do a post on my best buys from each source. Do you buy many (or any) items on eBay or in charity shops?

Leopard print cardi – Primark (eBay) (similar)
Turquoise top – Long Tall Sally (similar)
Brown check trousers – New Look Tall (eBay) (similar)
Tan brogues – c/o Deichmann Shoes (similar)
Brown and white polka dot scarf – self made
Silver hoops – gifted
Turquoise necklace – Dorothy Perkins

Total Est. Cost £48


  1. I love looking in charity shops and on eBay, some great bargains to be had! I tend to wait now before buying clothing knowing I will probably find it online a few months later for a fraction of the price. Cute outfit, I love the cardi. So pleased spring has finally arrived to!

  2. what do you do for a living?

  3. I work for a software company as an administrator.

  4. Thank you! I am pleased spring has arrived too (the mornings are still chilly though).
    I love eBay because a lot of Tall items tend to be quite expensive when new so there's a good second hand market for them.

  5. I bought a cardigan from eBay directly from Boden but other than that I don't use it, I kind of don't really trust it - what if it doesn't fit etc, I don't have the time to re-list (never sold anything) so I just find it easier to use regular shops and the internet where I can return items hassle free.