Friday, May 17, 2013

Outfit: Jeans and Trainers with Navy and Spots




Esprit Lexa Wedge Trainers

Office moving day was upon us so I dressed accordingly in jeans and trainers. These jeans are old, like, pre-2004 old. They are from back in the day when Gap’s Long length was actually long and not the pitiful 33” or whatever-it-is-now inside leg. Ever since I read Rachel’s posts on Grasping For Objectivity about mom jeans I have been hyper-aware of checking the pockets on my own jeans. And these? I think are bordering on mom jeans. I haven’t worn them in ages and now I have them on I don’t think I like them any more. I may be all about the pale wash at the moment but not necessarily in flares/bootcuts. These jeans are 100% cotton (where can you find that these days?) and super long but it might be time to retire them. Anyway, the decision is about to be made for me because following years of ragging on the back pockets one of them is starting to rip off at the corner, taking the jeans with it. And a hole around the back pockets is not distressing you want!



Last night was a busy one. I hung out the washing, made some bread, made tea, went to buy diesel, went to Aldi, went to Tesco, went to choir practice, came home, unpacked the shopping, brought the washing in and finally sat down at 9.45pm. Glad it’s Friday today? Why yes, yes I am!

Navy cardi – Next Tall
Navy and white spot t – Next
Jeans – Gap Long and Lean
Burgundy suede wedge trainers – Esprit (c/o Sarenza) (in blue)
Navy heart pendant – Scope
Silver square hoops – Claire’s

Total Est. Cost £53

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