Friday, August 09, 2013

Outfit: Boyfriend Jeans and A Statement Necklace





Magrit Navy

I haven’t owned boyfriend style jeans for a couple of years now, but I finally found the pair I was looking for on eBay a couple of weeks back. I was looking for this specific River Island pair as I owned them in a size up a few years ago and absolutely loved them. Then Weight Watchers happened and eventually the jeans were falling off me so I reluctantly sold them on eBay. I looked for a replacement pair on and off for the longest time (they had to be a long leg length as well as the right size and exact style) and finally found these. Yay!



I kept my outfit pretty simple today – I used to love wearing heels with these jeans so that was the way I went for this pair’s first outing. A plain top and a statement necklace completed the casual Friday look.

Navy jacket – Warehouse (sale)
Navy top – Long Tall Sally (20% discount)
Jeans – River Island (eBay)
Navy patent shoes – Magrit (outlet mall)
Silver necklace – New Look
Silver square hoops – Claire’s

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  1. I love this outfit and how well the necklace works with it! I never know how to wear statement pieces. You have definitely inspired me. :D

  2. Wait, where are you and where is Humphrey?! P.S. You're my eBay inspiration! <3 x

  3. I'm in the kitchen. I changed rooms as the flash refuses to go off on my new camera in the front room. Humphrey is still in his usual spot by the fire.

  4. Thank you! And I love it when people say I've inspired them, so glad I could help.

  5. Phew! Great shoes too :)