Sunday, August 04, 2013

Outfit: Saturday Stripes with Jeans and Flip Flops


Saturday morning we were up super early as the young man had an appointment. I decided to make the most of my early start and was at the mall just after it opened at 9am. We needed a new kettle as my old one had started leaking the handle had split into two. I’ve had that kettle 11 years and it wasn’t new then. It was given to me by an old work colleague and I don’t know how long she had had it but it certain didn’t owe me anything. So I went to Debenhams and bought myself a lovely shiny Dualit kettle.

I also went to Boots for a few bits and pieces and got some new sunglasses to replace the pair I’ve had for about 4 years as one of the lenses has got quite badly scratched. Top tip: all the sunglasses in Boots are half price right now and they have loads to choose from so if you need a new pair, get yourself down there.

I spent the afternoon washing my car and vaccing it out, and doing a bit of tidying and vaccing around the house and then we went out for tea with some of the young man’s family for his dad’s birthday.

It’s going to be phone in the mirror pictures for the next few days I’m afraid, until my new camera arrives. (And perhaps for a few days after that until I figure out how to use it!)

Navy and red striped top – Forever 21
Jeans – New Look
Brown flip flops – Reef (surf shop in Manly)
Silver necklace – Primark
Silver cuff – Marks and Spencer (free on BOGOF)
Silver hoops – gifted

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