Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Latelies

Here's what I've been enjoying this week: how about you?

  • Style 365 App - this app is Dutch so I have no idea what it says, but the gist of it is that it gives you an outfit idea each day. I love it! Oh, and it's teaching me the days of the week in Dutch.
  • Dryer sheets - no, not for my dryer, but as a beauty product.  I saw this tip on Tati (Glam Life Guru)'s a you a tube channel. If you have static-y hair, say from taking off a sweater, you run a dryer sheet over your hair and it takes the static right out. It will also leave your hair smelling laundry fresh.  And the pack I have in my spare room is making the whole room smell like clean washing. Bonus!
  • Wearing sweaters – having spent the summer shivering in the office air conditioning, I have no intention of spending the autumn and winter shivering in the office air conditioning.  It’s great to be able to legitimately wear jumpers and cardis and scarves now that the weather is turning.

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