Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Making a Little Extra Cash

With the holidays looming in the not too distant future (sorry, I know it’s early to mention the C word, but it’s true) you might be thinking that you could do with a little extra cash to buy all those Christmas gifts for your loved ones. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sell your stuff online.

As the clothing and shoe hoarder that I am, I will often sell the things I don’t wear anymore, or the things that don’t fit quite right any longer. Being tall I think I am quite lucky in that there is a big market for second hand items on various online sites. It is known for gently used or items that have never been worn to sell for as much or sometimes more than you paid in the first place. I once sold a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes (I know, I know, but they rubbed the tops of my toes so badly that they had to go). I bought them second hand (very gently used) to start with and when it came to selling them a year or so later (still gently used, but they had been worn several more times than when I first got them) I made a (small) profit on them.

Another time, I paid £15 for some awesome green suede boots in the sale. They were always a little on the small side so when I decided to part with them I put them up for sale online and made around £75! On boots that had been worn. I think that is my best online sale to date and I don’t expect to beat that record anytime soon!

It’s not just clothes and shoes that can be sold online either. Take a look at the popular auction sites and you will find all manner of items for sale. All those CDs you have gathering dust now that all of your music is on your phone or tablet? There’s a bit of cash to be made in selling those. Some sites let you scan the barcodes with an app to save you typing in all the details I think, making it (fairly) quick and easy to get a price for what you have.

Old mobile phones can be cashed in (granted, not for a lot if your phones are as old as some of mine – heck, some of mine are so old no one wants them at all!) as can unwanted gold jewellery. The internet is a goldmine (literally if you’re selling gold jewellery) for making money on unwanted items.

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