Monday, July 14, 2014

My Favourite Tall Fashion Sites

When you are tall people will often say ‘oh I wish I were as tall as you’, or ‘how lovely to be so tall’. To which I respond – ‘yes, until you have to try buying trousers – there’s one high street shop near me that I can get trousers long enough’ (Topshop). Don’t get me wrong, I do like my height but shopping for clothes can sometimes be a nightmare. Thank goodness, then, for the internet.

The internet not only lets you buy things that are not necessarily stocked in the bricks and mortar stores (Next, New Look, I’m looking at you) but it also gives you access to those stores you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Since my local branch of Long Tall Sally closed down in 2005 I am stuck with either driving to York or Manchester to visit an actual store, or relying on their website. Which is fine, but sometimes you just want to be able to buy something in a shop.

However, one advantage of online shopping is that you can shop from stores located overseas. One site that has long been on my radar is Long Elegant Legs. The good news is that they ship to the UK and I love the huge range of items on their website. For example, their tall tops all come in several different colours and look how long the sleeves are!

Their jeans all have a 36” inseam too.

Gap have also started shipping to the UK from their US website. The UK site has some tall options on it, but at the moment it’s mostly short sleeved t shirts and cropped pants. We don’t need specifically cropped pants thanks, regular length ones will be cropped on us tall girls! The US site also gives you access to Old Navy’s tall sizes too which is awesome.

So, tall ladies, if the UK’s high street isn’t meeting your needs have a look online where there is so much more choice to be found.

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