Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outfit: Sunny Sunday in Shorts




Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope it was as hot and sunny where you were as it was with me. Saturday was spent at home, mostly, catching up on sleep, chores and lazing in the garden. I did a bunch of cooking/baking/making ice cream and took a short cycle ride to the local town for a few groceries.



Sunday was equally good weather-wise so I headed into the city and took a walk along the riverside which is an area I don’t ever go to. It was lovely, there are so many things in Leeds that you don’t see if you just stick to the shopping areas.


Flowers in Millennium Square (I go through there all the time, I just thought they were pretty)


Down by the riverside


I wonder how long this chap has been trying to push this silver ball into Clarence Dock?


Barges in Clarence Dock (or New Dock as they're trying to rename it)


This is right in the middle of the city, I swear

I wore shorts all weekend as we hardly ever get the weather to do that, and who wants to be cooped up in jeans when it’s 24°C out? On Sunday I covered up with a ¾ sleeve top and wore my Converse pumps as I knew I would be doing a lot of walking.



I took pictures outside again since it was such a lovely day.  The only problem with that though?  The wind doing crazy things to my hair!

Blue and white stripe top – Zara
Denim shorts – George at ASDA
Converse pumps – c/o Sarenza
Silver hoops – gifted
Blue bangle – Diamonds and Pearls
Sunglasses – Amazon

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  1. God I love Leeds so much, I miss it SO much. I'm looking forward to bringing the kids up when they are older & showing them the city :-)