Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Week...

My new favourite band are Ward Thomas. They are a British country act (yes, I know, I didn’t know that was a thing either) and they’re fabulous. They are twins Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas (hence the name) and Radio 2 are all over their current single Push For The Stride, which is how I heard of them. Born in 1994 (when I was doing my GCSEs – yes, I’m old) they are just 20 years old and are massive fans of the Dixie Chicks (as am I, which is what made me find out more about them when I heard them say that on Radio 2 last week). Here’s why I am fast becoming a fan of Ward Thomas:

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  1. The red wedges look so natural on you. You look like you would have to duck down to get through the door:) Very nice outfit choice.

  2. Thank you. And yes, I'm almost at door-ducking height in them!

  3. Have you ever tried the wedges with your cable sweater dress? I think it would be a fun combination.