Thursday, September 04, 2014

Outfit: Navy and Burgundy, Spots and Stripes



LTS navy dot flats

This was my outfit from Wednesday this week. Tuesday night I had my hair done. It’s shorter than it was and all the raggedy ends are gone which is great. I was thinking of going shorter still, and I might yet do that. Stay tuned.


It’s meteorological autumn now that September is upon us but for some reason this year I’m not as excited to wear all my autumn clothes like I usually am. Perhaps it’s because this summer has been pretty good weather-wise and I’m not quite ready to let that go yet. Having said that though, the nights are definitely starting to draw in (dark by 8.15pm anyone?) and the colours of burgundy and navy definitely have an autumnal feel to them.

White and navy stripe top – H&M
Burgundy pants – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Navy and white spot shoes – Long Tall Sally (gifted)
Blue necklace – Primark
Silver hoops – gifted

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  1. Thank you. It's been quite warm and sunny up here this week too, especially yesterday afternoon. Bit of a change from the last week of August which seemed cold in comparison.