Friday, October 03, 2014

Outfit: How To Cover a Make Up Stain



Esprit Lexa Wedge Trainers

This top has a large and annoying make up stain on the front of it. That’s a real shame as it’s a really good quality top (Long Tall Sally), I love the colour of it, and I’ve had it less than 18 months, at least 6 of which it has had said make up stain.


This week I finally decided to do something about it so the top would stop languishing, unworn, in my wardrobe and start serving a useful purpose once again. Earlier in the week I’d taken a trip to Asda and purchased some stick on jewels (I did try the local haberdasheries first but one only had purple jewels and the other was shut Monday and Tuesday. I also really like the word haberdashery and now I’ve used it twice). On Wednesday evening I found my fabric glue and set about attaching the jewels to the top. It took all of about 15 minute, plus glue drying time and I have what seems like a new top, and more importantly, one that is wearable.


Flared jeans is not a silhouette I've worn in a while, but I like the cut of this pair and thought I'd do something different for casual Friday this week. Worn with my trusty wedge trainers from last winter they are the perfect length too.


Have a great weekend y’all!

Turquoise top – Long Tall Sally
Jeans – FCUK (charity shop)
Burgundy wedge trainers – Esprit (c/o Sarenza)
Turquoise leopard print scarf – ASOS
Turquoise leather belt - H&M (sale)
Silver earrings - gifted
Turquoise bangles - Oxfam

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