Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Outfit: February 2nd – Almost Spring?









Can I start getting excited for spring yet? No? OK, well I’ll take the little signs that mean we’re edging that fraction closer.

Signs of Spring

1. It was still light at 5pm last night! Well, I say still light: perhaps ‘it wasn’t dark’ would be a more accurate description but either way, it was the lightest it’s been at that time in a LONG while and I will take that.
2. It was 9˚C at 8am this morning. And I know, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was warm enough to not need a hat or gloves, and it was warm enough for a lighter jacket. And again, I will take that.

Due to the aforementioned warm not so cold temperature I wore shoes rather than boots. (And before you all ask, I have socks inside them so my feet were toasty thank you very much.) I still needed a sweater and a scarf mind, but you know, baby steps people. Baby steps.

And speaking of scarves – I have a different one on today! My friend (and former work colleague) I saw on Monday night commented that I always wore scarves at my previous job. I did, but only because it was perpetually chilly there. My new office is warm, too warm for a scarf much of the time (not that I am complaining!) so my scarves have been more outerwear this winter. My other friend said something interesting about scarves too. She said she likes to wear them at work as they’re like an extra line of defence to hide behind in difficult meetings. Scarves as security blankets at work folks, you heard it here first!

Sweater – Primark
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Shoes – Primark
Scarf – Primark
Necklace – Scope
Cuff – M&S (free on 3 for 2 offer)

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