Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Recipe: Filling and Healthy Quiche

So I’m back on the Weight Watchers wagon this year, and I’ve been mixing a few Filling and Healthy days in with counting points (note: I’m still counting ProPoints, the previous system used by Weight Watchers – I couldn’t get on board with the new SmartPoints system). For those unfamiliar with Weight Watchers, the Filling and Healthy (F&H) method is where you can eat whatever you want from a specified list of items (which have been designated healthy and are supposed to keep you fuller for longer), and then anything you have that isn’t on this list comes out of your weekly points allowance. The list includes most fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, rice, eggs, fat free plain yoghurt, skimmed milk etc so it’s quite similar to Slimming World’s system too. This quiche recipe is genius, and if you’re on F&H it has a ProPoints value of just 4 for the whole recipe (which is for the cheese, there are 28 ProPoints for the whole thing if you’re counting). I made it the other weekend, it cut into four generous portions so we had it for tea, then I had the other two slices for lunches that week. You’re not getting pastry, but the wraps taste pretty damn close, and are way, way healthier.

4 Weight Watchers wraps
4 eggs
1 cup skimmed milk
100g Eat Lean protein cheese (I got this in Tesco, it’s super low fat)
1 green pepper (but you can use any colour you like, add more veg such as onions, mushrooms etc)

1. Line a deep springform tin with the wraps (or I used a non-springy cake tin and lined it with baking paper first)
2. Beat together the eggs, milk and cheese
3. Chop the ham and veg and put it in the tin
4. Pour in the egg mixture
5. Bake at 180˚C for about 50 minutes

It wasn’t as good cold the next day, but it was still tasty and I’d definitely eat it again as a cold lunch.

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